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Dr. Dr. Rainer Schäfer

Dr. Dr. Rainer Schäfer

Rainer Schäfer PhD, trained in Biomedi-cal Science at Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia. Since 2005 he develops new strategies improving the success rate against cancers and the pain associated with it. Focusing on differences in cellular signaling in cancers, he applies treatments to cancer patients inhibiting the mutated signaling-pathways in a combined fashion. Dr. Dr. Schäfer uses his expertise as a pain specialist and anaesthetist to treat neuropathic pain in cancers with derivates of capsaicin, a technique that seriously increases quality of life of cancer patients and other chronic pain patients.

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Cover ISBN 3-936536-76-7

Treating Solid Cancers with a New Strategy

A basic communication illustrating some aspects of glutamine-metabolism and chemotherapeutic options of how to interfere with it.

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